Web3 solutions

Personalized support for your turnkey Web3 project

We accompany you from start to finish, from the phases of acculturation of your teams, strategic reflection and ideation of your project until the creation of your tokens (NFT, utility token, …) and its ecosystem (web platform, mobile application, wallet, …)

Our advantages

A digital expertise on various technologies
Des solutions simples à intégrer
Blockchain experience since 2016
Support for customization

Web3 innovation with peace of mind

Based on our experience in this sector since 2016, we accompany you in the realization of your projects blockchain and Web3.

We provide you with a turnkey service for bring value to your project for you and your community. We are also there to ensure the technical durability of the solutions we put in place, with the aim of strengthening your peace of mind and the trust of your customers.

Our approach

Ideation & specifications

We support you in the study of the needs related to the blockchain of votre projet, nous rédigeons les spécifications fonctionnelles et vous offer technological solutions.

We bring our experience to bring out new ideas and bring value to your project.

Smart contract

We bring our expertise to develop an optimized smart contract and quality for your project.

We ensure quality code, tested, optimized and audited by a third party. We support several blockchains e.g. Ethereum, Tezos, Avalanche, Polygon…

Web 3 integration

We provide turnkey tools to facilitate the web2 / web3 integration of blockchain technology into your overall project and its interoperability with your smart contract.

​Interact directly with web3 applications e.g. Metamask and Metaverse…

To go further

For a complete immersion of your project in Web3, we also propose to integrate solutions developed by our teams, in white label or adapted to your needs.

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